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Re: Why FULLDUPE On is good? (Re: iss)

Hi all. This is Yoshi.

# Sorry for mis-posting on AMSAT-bb.

  Thanks for many reflections. Now I undersatnd the advantage of FULLDUPE
mode - to ignore the ISS packet holding by input DCD hookup.
  Around Japan, hams who are trying to digipeat ISS is not so much, but
there is so much QRM from illegal or commercial ops. So I also think that
the ISS input will be hooked up by QRM until the ISS passed away to east
ocean. Maybe taht is why we Japanese can digipeat packets only the end
of every pass....:-)

  Buy also as someone said, in FULLDUPE mode, ISS will not relay any multi-
flame packet. It is good for UI digi, but maybe it will not good for ISS
RZ3DZR-1 mini-mailbox operation. That was the point I had afraid.
  But, If the ISS continue FULLDUPE off, maybe the mailbox will not work
fine due to the input hook-up! So I am now clear and agree to set it to
FULLDUPE on. It can relay or decode only the first flame, but it is better
choice now.

  Thanks for all.

  And Anyway,

At 2001/04/17 02:51:06 Bob Bruninga wrote:
> 1) I think the ISS packet system uses DCD, and so the channel can be
> totally saturated with uplink mush, but only a GOOD VALID packet will
> trigger DCD.  This is how most new TNC's work with open squelch...

  I heard that the TNC on ISS was made by PacComm. I do not know the
type of it, and also do not know the default setting of DCD. Will it
be hooked up with just open-squelch? or only with packet tome?
  I think that it will be hooked by open-squelch. Around Japan, we cannot
get any responce from ISS when it is the biggining of pass (west). Maybe
the DCD is hooked up by FM voice of illegal or commercial ops.

  So, if the PacComm TNC support the SOFTDCD command likes as TASCO's
TNC, Maybe it is the other way for rapid packet reply. It will not so
effective likes as FULLDUPE, but maybe enough for us Japanese :-)

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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