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Re: [amsat-bb] Re: Why FULLDUPE On is good? (Re: iss)

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> Incorrect assumption.  It is just a TNC and an HT.  The HT cannot listen
> and transmit at the same time...

Oh. Duh. Of course. 

My bad. 

> It can probably buffer up about 16k worth of packets. So, nothing is
> lost. If we were hearing bursts of MANY packets in one transmission burst,
> then the FULLDUP-ON would be the problem...

Yeah...if it *does* queue them up (and there's no reason it shouldn't, I guess)
it would sound like a DXCLuster with 10 stations connected when the bands are
open: "tweeBrapp!eeBrapp!eeBrapp!eeBrapp!eeBrapp!" 

> But now we are in the midst of a stampeed, and human nature is only
> looking out for number 1, not the good of the group...  But it will come,
> once everyone finally learns...

Or gets bored because "it's too hard" and wanders away. 

The Prisoner's Dilemma...:-) 

You know, it occurs to me that getting your call up on the ariss.net scoreboard
may be a motivator for some of that stampeed. Could we convince Steve to make
the time-to-live for that display longer? Maybe even put *two* columns on the

If their fifteen minutes of fame lasted longer, maybe folks would back off a

I took a picture...it lasts longer. :-)  

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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