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LIDS on the uplink.

I monitored the school pass over the Eastern USA today and being less than
40 miles away, I tuned in to listen to the kids uplink too.

But then I was absolutely amazed.  Every time a kid would ask a question,
two guys apparently mobile AND LOCAL would make jokes about the question
and silly snide comments back to the kids questions on the same
frqeuency (ON THE UPLINK). These two guys even discussed what was going on 
and rightfully concluded that it must be something to do with the Space
station and Kids, so they clearly knew what was going on.  Yet continued
to kibitz and comment before and afer each kids question...(on the u

Hopefully the ERP of the SCHOOL station was sufficient to get to the ISS
and not confuse the astronauts.  After it was over, these guys
said to each other... "meet you on the other freq" and QSY'd with no

So I guess we all need to consider monitoring the band or lose it to
unlicensed interlopers...  I guess we all need to be vigilant...  

de WB4APR, Bob

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