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Probably NOT a good way to operate...

I want to get this out, even at the risk of upsetting a few.  I mean no 
malice and only want to
provide actual monitored packets.  I saw this on the 14th as seen below, 
and again on the 15th!

Can I appeal to those who have successfully made a contact, allow others 
not so blessed, the
opportunity to make one of their own.

I monitored the following packets with HORROR.  I manually obscured the 
callsign in these posts.
One can argue that the extra lines are nothing more than a <CR> and don't 
take up many bytes.
The "squares" are CTRL-G (bell) characters.

04/14/01 21:42:32 KB_ADL>NOCALL*>AMSAT: [UI]:{F0}	|
								|  Thats a HEADER plus
								|   4 extra lines!
Here we go again.					|

04/14/01 23:18:40 KB_ADL>NOCALL*>AMSAT: [UI]:{F0}	|
								|  Thats a HEADER plus
DN55								|  7 extra lines!
Vince, KB_ADL						|
South Central Montana					|
Happy Easter Everyone					|

04/14/01 23:18:58 KB_ADL>NOCALL*>AMSAT: [UI]:{F0}		|
									|  Thats a HEADER plus
Where is everybody?... Heeee Heeee Heeee Heeee Snicker Snicker	|  4 extra 

04/14/01 23:19:22 KB7ADL>NOCALL*>AMSAT: [UI]:{F0}		|
									|  HEADER + 4
Hi, how are you doing? de KB7ADL					|

04/14/01 23:22:09 KB_ADL>NOCALL*>AMSAT: [UI]:{F0}		|
									|  You get the idea by now!
I hope they start talking soon, DE KB_ADL.			|

Also as a reminder...  please do NOT try connect to the ISS TNC!  It takes 
up space where digipeated
packets could have been sent!  My guess here is that the ISS went out of 
range and the ground
station did not ACK the disconnect request (reject a connect).

04/14/01 23:18:43 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:
04/14/01 23:19:00 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:
04/14/01 23:19:19 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:
04/14/01 23:20:07 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:
04/14/01 23:21:08 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:


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