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On Mon, 16 April 2001, Tony Langdon wrote:

> Hello Keith!
> 15 Apr 01 17:30, you wrote to All:
>  KD> If anyone out there is using AGWPE for packet, I  can't seem to find
>  KD> in the documentation anywhere how to make it operate in disconnected
>  KD> mode. The 'c' and 'k' commands won't get me there. I'd appreciate any
>  KD> help.
> Easiest way is to run APRS.  The AGWTerm doesn't allow you to set a full
> (digi'd) UNPROTO path. :(
> UI-View will do it for you, and you have APRS to boot. :)
> Tony, VK3JED

> --
HI here Miguel XE2NGT.-
If donīt have TNC Use FLEXNET OR AGW+Winpack 6.4
In FLEXNET withouth Winpack of Rogers you can send beacon:
[DL95up] or >DL95up and then the text ej xe2ngt@amsat.org
......ej...>DL95up /- xe2ngt@amsat.org
With AGW too. And if you use Winpack 6.4 you can fwd e-mail auto in FBB and other things with only soundblaster. (/- seems home in APRS).

Miguel Angel Gonzalez T.
Trevino 1143 Ote.
Monterrey, NL., 64000, Mexico
tels (8)3754487 

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