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G0SFJ-2 report

G0SFJ-2 operated this weekend from my car, with 10 w from a TMD-700E
through an Arrow handheld yagi pointed optimistically at the supposed
trajectory of the ISS. car was parked at the time(!) outside my
sister-in-law's house and the exercise was a good family talking point.

I got through on 13th and 14th but not on 15th even on a 83 degeree
elevation pass (ie virtually overhead). Thanks to all who sent reception

Now then. Whie walking the cliffs I started to think.

I use a TMD700E. APRS is great and uses a known combination of text
elements to fill in a predfined display.The BLN that I can send has 64
characters.I have been sending text messages with it BUT i could myself
define how to use these 64 characters. I could send an 8*8 matrix which
would use letters to make up a picture (remember those RTTY pix?). Or even
small programs? Supposing a programme or image is encoded into a bit
stream, can't it be regurgutated for transmission as a text stream?  I
don't know but  there must be a few hundred bytes of available program
there. Now I know that's nothing on WIN but I remember when a 1k progarm
was the state of the art for machine codes on home computers (about 1981).
The  terrestrial packet program 7+ must work this way. So - and I throw the
challenge to the computer people - what can we efficiently use a 64
character bulletin for?

andy G0SFJ
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