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Why FULLDUPE On is good? (Re: iss)

Hello all. This is Yoshi.JF6BCC.

At 2001/04/15 08:26:58 Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL wrote:
> ...  The first thing they need 
> to do right after they enter a proper callsign is change their TNC to 
> full-duplex so it won't wait for the frequency to clear before it transmits 
> a valid packet.

  I saw some articles on this list same as above. But I could not
understand the advantage of FULLDUPE ON.

  I understand that the FULLDUPE ON means - can send packets during
receiving, and can receive packets during sending. So if the ISS
is operating with Cross-band mode duplex operatable system, it will
works good.
  But the rig on the ISS is just a handy simplex transceiver. If
the TNC run with FULLDUPE ON, ISS will re-transmit the packet as
soon as the first frame was decoded. Thats means the second or following
frames/packets will not be received. And, during iss sending the
packets, ISS can not hear any packet due to the receiver is not

  So waht is the advantage of FULLDUPE mode on ISS ?  Is there any
good reason to choice it?

de Yoshi JF6BCC.

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