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 I recently subscribed to the Sarex-Digest and am absolutely
 flabbergasted by the amount of egotistical dribble coming out of the
 USA, when you read it you have to wonder if the States are United.

  It seems to have completely escaped most contributors that this is an
 INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION and unlike most posts seem to imply not
 owned or run by NASA but by over 15 countries world wide, all of whom
 have provided equipment and knowledge vital to the construction and
 operation of the Station Yet I'm still to read anything that alludes to
 this FACT.

  Apart from the occasional letter, written by people with obvious
 knowledge and involvement in the project giving clear instructions on
 how to operate the system correctly or to clarify a point of fact for
 individual operator the rest of the digest is a collection of absolute
 rubbish, some of the statements are astounding in their ignorance.

  For the first time in several years we have a TNC operating in space,
 giving operators all around the WORLD the chance to set up gear, test
 equipment, practice programming their TNC and so on.  Believe it or not
 this is the FIRST opportunity for some Hams to work a spacecraft and
 a qsl for doing so.

  To suggest that the TNC be turned off because it doesn't have a name
 leaves me dumbfounded, I've looked at that statement from all 360 deg's
 and can simply see no logic in it.  An act such as that would deprive
 1000's world-wide a chance to work the ship with the only basis for
 doing so being a small component hasn't got a "NAME".  Unbelievable.

  Thanks goodness for the electronic age for at least a number of tree's
 didn't have to get chopped up to publish a lot of tripe .

  In regard to the discussions about unhooking laptops etc. I think it
 far more important the crew ensure they can continue to breath rather
 than change the name in a little box for no practical reason.  Why is
 so important the TNC have the Name in it, don't I understand and does
 work better if it has?   Whether you think people should crew the ship
 or not is irrelevant, they are aboard and are living breathing people
 just like you, also like you, they have families and loved ones so to
 talk of them as some do is pretty low.

  You people would be better spent trying to help others new to the
 rather than talking of how many years you have been a ham, plus I 'm at
 a total loss regarding the relevance of the newest bunch of statements
 coming out which seem to indicate that having been a pilot has any
 relevance at all.

  This isn't directed at any individual and I have found a lot of the
 technical discussion on setting up and operation very helpful.  That
 what I thought the purpose of the digest was, not to drag up sayings
 from WW1 about lips and ships - Cheez  Would you please try and
 that the world does not revolve around one country and be of assistance
 to your fellow hams instead of trying to flame them.  It gets terribly
 boring very quickly.

  No doubt the focus will swing in this direction for a while, but I
 don't mind 'cause if I'm being targeted it takes the pressure off
  someone else.

  Beyond the beaches of your wonderful country lies the rest of the

Good Health to All and let's put the International back into the ISS.

 73 de Trev.

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