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ISS log

This appeared in our club's newsletter, the clear lake arc in houston 
(http://www.clarc.org) for this month. thought you would be interested to read 
it. notice, there is a comment that the ham radio comm audio is better than 
their other comm...woohoo


Expedition One November Crew Log


0800 Spent some more time on insulating the CKB air conditioning 
compressor. The relative humidity is up and it was still causing some 
condensation because of cold flow from the freon lines. We have the thing 
pretty well wrapped at this point and the condensation is just a few drops 
here and there where it was 100 ml. blobs before. This should also make the 
RH go down a bit. Bill for technical work to be sent to Energia.
1500. We set up ham radio on 4th plane of FGB just forward of PXO. Have 
not configured the antenna lead yet, but this will be completed Fri. We do 
have a question as to which computer is supposed to support packet radio? 
Is it acceptable to use an SSC to do this?
As the MCC shift changes, our best to the team on the ground for a job well 
done. It has been an interesting and challenging 10 days--we have all written 
some space history. Your "Alpha" crew is standing by for the next watch.

DECK LOG 10 NOV 00 (Late Entry)
0730 Conducted a video conference with TsUP, commemorating their 40th 
anniversary of space flight control.
830-920. Velo-ergometer had a tight fit between one of its support struts and 
a padeye on the SM deck. We smoothed the fit up with a large flat file. 
Sergei had the vacuum cleaner at the ready, but we tried the "Don Pettit" gel 
method to control the filings. We applied a small amount of aloe gel (clear) to 
the fitting and filed on it for 10 minutes or so. Cleaned up with a napkin. No 
loose chips, dust or other debris.
1130 Transited through a very unusual aurora field. Started as a faint green 
cloud on the horizon, which grew stronger as we approached. Aurora filled 
our viewfield from SM nadir ports as we flew through it. A faint reddish 
plasma layer was above the green field and topped out higher than our 
orbital altitude.
We were configuring SSC 2 to run a CD when it decided to lock up. After 
repeated attempts to restart, Shep and Sergei went through a long attempt to 
extract files from the SSC's hard drive before reloading the SSC software. 
Used the startup disk in the onboard software suite, but could not find a 
particular file while hunting around with DOS. This would have been much 
easier with some bootable media (CD-ROM?) that could run Windows. (Or if 
Shep was not indoctrinated by that "other" operating system).

Morning test of the packet comm to Wiener is successful. (Afternoon test of 
the packet comm has some problems, which we attribute to low line of sight 
with ground station.)
0730 Sergei and Yuri start checking assembly of the ham radio installation in 
FGB and making connection to the antenna coax.
Seems that we are still having OCA configuration problems. Went through a 
long pass with CAPCOM where we were in some kind of "simplex" mode. 
Every time Houston audio was available to us, we lost uplink video. 
Apparently downlink comm was solid and we got a lot of words down.

0630 Sergei made the first ham radio contacts from station on a pass over 
1055 Shep and Sergei contacted ham station at Goddard. Comm quality of 
the VHF circuit was excellent. Signal to noise and readability of the ham 
radio is better than our other comm circuits.
1845 Good ham radio pass with Houston. Voice quality as before--excellent.  
We appreciate the attention to detail from TsUP and Houston in making sure 
we have good targets and plans for the following day before close of 
business. This is the way it should be. Thanks!

0830 Comm pass. Tried to uplink packets on VHF 2 and transmit a "voice 
over" for the TV downlink on VHF 1. Lots of bleed through on the audio--it 
sounded unusable on this end. Tried to narrate the downlink anyway. We 
spent 1 1/2 hours Monday putting together as a video summary of what we 
have been doing last week. We did not feel that the end result was that 

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