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Re: Loose lips sink ships, etc.

Those of us who have been around a while are well aware of the hard work by 
people such as Ray W2RS in AMSAT, Frank KA3HDO in ARISS, and countless others 
that made possible a ham station on the ISS.  And, you all are aware that the 
"World of Amateur Radio" is honoring Frank at Dayton for his dedication to 
ISS and other space based ham radio projects.  

People like this are the true "Good Guys" in ham radio.  The people who get 
out and make it happen!  I for one salute them.

Unfortunately, there are also those who have little respect for the will of 
the majority.  As a result, there comes along irritating conversations 
(spoken or electronic) that go nowhere and do nothing but cause dissension in 
the ranks.  But there is a very simple solution.

I would like to make a suggestion on handling the negativity that has arisen 
in this subject area.  Out here in Southern California on the 70 CM FM band 
we call it the "Big 12-4."  

Translated and applied to those who try to disrupt the normal flow of 
communications on a repeater: " We hear you but you are being totally 

In the simplest of terms:  Let those who want to vent their spleen -- vent 
it.  Do not reply to them.  Treat them as if they are invisible.  Eventually 
they will get the message that their input is not wanted or needed.  

Bottom line:  Don't let those few who want to distrupt the many get to you.  
Simply give them the "Bifg 12-4!"

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF

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