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Re: Loose lips sink ships, etc.

>I'm glad that so many of us (myself included) are having so much fun with
>the ISS packet operation.  However, if something about it is bothering you,
>you're feeling frustrated, or if something someone said prompts you to want
>to flame him, please remember that the sarex and amsat-bb reflectors are
>public places.  Many people in positions of authority outside AMSAT
>(astronauts, NASA and ESA officials, etc.) read them.  They can do us a lot
>of good for arranging future operations, or vice versa if they get turned
>off by the behavior they see on the net.  If you must make a negative
>comment, please do so in a private message to the person involved
>(including to me if you don't like this one), and not to the outside world
>through the reflector.
>Thank you and 73,
>Ray, W2RS

hello Ray.

To be blunt who gives a flying leap what "astronauts" or other people in 
"positions of authority" read here?  What are they going to do "turn it 
off"...not likely.

NASA has taken ham radio for "a ride" on the station.  Its like everything 
else that NASA does a PR tool and they are not for one minute going to ditch 
something that talks to the little kiddies and "inspires our youth" and all 
the othere blather that is the stuff that is done on the international space 

while the folks on ISS are 'busy' in the end the reason that they like the 
school contacts is that is something that 'sells' the space station.  Very 
few of the strows are "hams" in the sense of you and I and while some of 
them get some enjoyment out of it most of them dont.  Getting your ham 
license at NASA has now become about like well learning how to evac the 
shuttle (OK not as important but my point is just something to do) so that 
they can "do the school" thing.

If we in ham radio are so "on eggshells" about the box on the station and 
worried that its going to be jerked then maybe it should be and we spend our 
money talents etc on a satellite that does something to benefit ham radio.

Sorry for the negative tone here but to my mind the whole concept of "we 
dont want to offend" is really just an excuse to try and shut down 
legitimate questions and discussion.  Doubtless you did not mean it that way 
but in the end thats what its often used for.

Robert Oler WB5MZO
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