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Re: ISS Operations

Frank H. Bauer wrote:

> Can I get an ISS QSL for my unproto digi packets?
> Yes!  All who digi through the ISS ham radio system can obtain 1 QSL 
> card for packet on each Expedition flight.  This includes the current 
> operation with "mycall" set to nocall.

Frank, especially of us who never worked Mir, is there anything you 
would add to what's in the FAQ for what we need to send (and where) for 
QSLs specifically for digi operations? Is "date, time in UTC, frequency 
and mode" sufficient? For example, I hit the digi last night around 0140z:

      K2GB>FN30RU,NOCALL*/V: <UI>:]$[
      K3XS>CQ,NOCALL*/V: <UI>:>FN20hd/-

  and got a posit onto www.ariss.net.

So it would be enough to send a QSL reporting

  "NOCALL de K3XS,14 April 2001, 0140z, 145.8 down/145.99up, packet 

Here's the info from the FAQ for reference:

> QSL cards are similar to postcards. Hams exchange QSLs to confirm

> their radio contacts with other stations. 

> Participating in ARISS is an exhilarating experience. 

> But waiting for that coveted QSL card requires patience. 

> Designing a card for the ultimate DXpedition is a lengthy process. 

> Once the cards are printed RAC forwards them to the Amateur Radio club 

> managing the QSLs.

> Send your QSL cards or reports to one of the following addresses.
> For the USA :
> ARRL Headquarters
> ARISS QSL Expedition-2 
> 225 Main Street
> Newington, CT 06111-1494 USA
> For Canada :
> Radio Amateurs of Canada
> ARISS QSL Expedition-2
> 720 Belfast Road, Suite 217
> Ottawa Ontario
> K1G 0Z5
> Please include your QSL or report: date, time in UTC, 

> frequency and mode (voice, packet or sstv). 
> If you wish to receive a card, you must include a large, self-addressed, 

> stamped envelope with proper postage or sufficient IRCs included.

Frank also wrote:

> There are several of you that are 
> using the beacon capability in packet and are sending your packets 
> automatically/unattended.  I personally have heard this in my area.  WE 
> said this the other day and I want to reinforce it...
 > MANUALLY SEND YOUR PACKETS.  Do not send them automatically.

I'll add my vote to that. Do I need to point out "we know who you are"? :-)

> Please remember that this is a volunteer activity.  We have hundreds of 
> people around the world supporting this, including the on-orbit crew.  
> We want to keep this activity an active and vital part of amateur 
> radio.  Let's all keep a positive attitude about where we are and where 
> we are going with ARISS.

And along with that let's add a vote of thanks to the entire ARISS team 
that have made this possible, who I won't identify beyond Frank and 
Miles because I *know* I'll leave somebody out. When I was down at 
Goddard back at the beginning of the month I got to meet a few of these 
people, they're top-notch.

73 de Maggie K3XS
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