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Loose lips sink ships, etc.


I'm glad that so many of us (myself included) are having so much fun with 
the ISS packet operation.  However, if something about it is bothering you, 
you're feeling frustrated, or if something someone said prompts you to want 
to flame him, please remember that the sarex and amsat-bb reflectors are 
public places.  Many people in positions of authority outside AMSAT 
(astronauts, NASA and ESA officials, etc.) read them.  They can do us a lot 
of good for arranging future operations, or vice versa if they get turned 
off by the behavior they see on the net.  If you must make a negative 
comment, please do so in a private message to the person involved 
(including to me if you don't like this one), and not to the outside world 
through the reflector.

Thank you and 73,

Ray, W2RS

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