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How to Work ISS Chat Room, More data

from Gerald:
> I have the DSP-12 and reset it the way you suggested, thank you.
> The only problem is, can you please spell out, bit by bit how to do
> the actual connection.

Hi Gerald, 
Thanks for the good question.
Ill send it to all as an FYI

There are 2 modes, Command Mode and Converse Mode.
CMD: command prompt mode 
and if you enter the letter K at the cmd: k
you will enter the "Converse" mode, also called Unrpoto 
or my new term "Chat Room"

Common words, Digi, Convers-Mode, Unproto and Chat Room all
have a similar meaning.

While in the Converse mode / Chat Room, any thing
you type will be transmitted after you hit the Return/enter key.
If the call sign in your Unproto command is the same as the
BBS which supports Unproto, then that BBS will Repeat 
your string of data.

The first part of your sentence will have the Unproto data added
to the beginning automatically.

My unproto data looks like this:
cmd: U FN43 V NOCALL

>From converse mode i typed:
"ok tom"

Then my tnc transmitted (line #1):
WF1F>FN42,NOCALL:ok tom

Then ISS transmitted (Line #2):
WF1F>FN42,NOCALL*:ok tom

Look closely at the two packet lines above.  The only difference
is the *.  The first line is the line i sent to ISS.
The second line is the line echoed back from ISS.
If you set up your TNC correctly you will always see
line one when you send a line of text out, and you will
see line #2 when ISS hears and repeats your data.

Lets break down each word coming back from ISS.

WF1F>	My call sign is added to string
FN42,	This is my optional Grid square from the Unproto command
NOCALL	This is the call sign of the BBS i am trying to get to Repeat my
*:	The * means, the Digi Repeater heard my string and rebroadcast the
data (Success)
ok tom	This is the text i sent, Keep it short 2-4 words are better than

To exit converse mode, type Control C (Check your manual)

For the Temporary ISS call sign "nocall" add this data from the cmd:

cmd: u cq via nocall  <enter/return>
Then print it back to see what you typed, or us the display command of
your TNC.

cmd: u  <enter/return>
most tnc's will now echo the setting

cmd: u cq v nocall

(don't enter the * )
When ISS changes their call sign from "nocall" to "r0iss"  (that's a
then  you will need to change your Unproto setting.  The call sign
will change some time this year when crew can move a laptop back
to the other module on iss.

Before pining ISS, find a BBS in your town which supports Unproto.
Ask some of the locals.  Configure your tnc to use the call sign
of the local BBS and test with some friends on a local bbs
how to get good at Digi/Convers-Mode/Unproto/Chat Room modes.
Then when you have mastered Chat Room, set your TNC to the 
ISS call sign and the correct channels rx145.800 tx145.990 and Go for

Good Luck


Gerald Klatzko wrote:
> At 08:48 4/13/01 -0400, you wrote:
> >April 13, 2001
> >
> >G. Miles Mann
> >
> >Short Version
> >
> >How to use the Unproto (Chat Room) Amateur Radio System on ISS
> >
> Hi Miles,
>         Many thanks for an outstanding article, especially for old guys like me
> who have not used packet for years.
> I have the DSP-12 and reset it the way you suggested, thank you.
> The only problem is, can you please spell out, bit by bit how to do
> the actual connection.
> You show "N3CXP>CQ,NOCALL*:............., but how is this done? exactly
> as printed out or are there other commands?
> Hope you have the time to reply
> Thanks Again
> Gerald
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