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Re: NOCALL situation...

Bruce Kille (Mindspring) wrote:

> I can understand the ISS crew being too busy to conduct the special
> event voice QSOs that were supposed to happen yesterday, but I 
> don't understand why they cant take just a few minutes to correct the
> NOCALL parm on the TNC....

Because it will take more than "a few minutes". There is no working 
keyboard on the TNC. The laptop that was supposed to be attached to it 
failed. They're going to have to uncable a laptop that's *supposed* to 
be doing something else from the ISS LAN, move it to that part of the 
station, cable it up, launch Hyperterm or something similar and talk to 
the TNC.

And then pray that their Windows-based LAN (whach hasn't been all that 
fricken stable lately, unless you count smelling like one) works when 
they put it back together.

The LAN is pretty-much mission-critical. The ARISS experiment isn't.

That's why I was suggesting sending up a PalmPilot with Tito. It will 
work. And the TNC commands could be preconfigured in it.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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