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iss pass 2350z

this was a rough pass for me to hear. i heard a couple of stations at the 
beginning of the pass, then nothing until about the last minute of the pass. 
antenna must have been blocked by the iss to me.

VE7KPB>APW249,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:50:07 UTC]: <UI>:
=4930.28N/11546.91W-PHG5100/DN29cm   www.ve7kpb.ca -249-<530>

KB7ADL>AMSAT,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:50:15 UTC]: <<UI>>:
CQ Amsat from Vince, KB7ADL, Happy Easter everyone! DN55

KA2QYE>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:55:02 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KB7ADL>AMSAT,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:55:14 UTC]: <<UI>>:
I hope they start talking soon, DE KB7ADL.

KA2QYE>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:55:23 UTC]: <<UI>>:
me too

N5VFF-1>DM79,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:55:26 UTC]: <UI>:
KB7ADL - no voice in last 2 days

KB7ADL>AMSAT,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:55:31 UTC]: <<UI>>:
Hi, how are you doing? de KB7ADL

KB2WQM-4>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:55:32 UTC]: <<UI>>:
@@>fm29pe/* GE Jeff here 

KA2QYE>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:55:37 UTC]: <<UI>>:
(note...some strange characters were here that did not cut/paste properly)

KB2WQM-4>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:55:51 UTC]: <<UI>>:
>fm29pe/* GE Jeff here

KQ2V>FN30JV,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:56:09 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KA3HDO>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:56:13 UTC]: <UI>:

W3IP>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 23:56:16 UTC]: <<UI>>:
from FM19QA Crownsville, Md

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