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RE:What am I doing wrong?

Good luck on getting a PRACTICAL answer, I asked a sililar
question about ERP a few days
ago, and got a "lecture" on it being a function of how many
stations were transmitting, and that theoretically it should
only take 0.1 watt if nobody was transmitting....All of this I
knew like everybody else does here....

Can we please get several responses from poeple who are getting
through as to their erp??? It would be helpful to those of us
who can't seem to digi through ISS...

   -- Mike

> On Wed, 11 Apr 2001 23:28:56 -0700, James R. Gorr wrote:
> >I am able to copy digi's from ISS, but not able to digi
> through the ISS
> >myself.  I am using the same setup as I was for the MIR (1/4
> wave ant, 7
> >watt HT, worked great for the MIR).
> Same situation here, butI'm going to ask different questions.
> >So, my questions are:  Is my hardware setup sufficient?  Is
> my BT, B,
> >and U correct?  Is there any other settings I need?
> Does anyone know the measured deviation of the ISS packet
> transmitter? 
> Is it more or less than MIR?  I'm copying packets, but not as
> many as I
> think I should.  Signals seem good, and I was able to hear
> several
> packets on an HT with a rubber duck in a church basement
> earlier this
> evening.
> How much deviation are successful uplinkers running?  I'm
> looking for
> actual numbers, not subjective 'as loud as other local packet'
> answers.
>  How about RX bandwidth of the ISS RX?  ISS can't seem to hear
> me
> running 80 watts to a turnstile or a 17-el. boomer.  This is
> the same
> system used successfully with MIR, and it still works well on
> the local
> DX cluster.

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