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Re: Re: TX-Cycle Recommendation?

Tim Cunningham wrote:

> I suggest the ISS team have the digipeater configured in FULL Duplex
> mode when operating on a split channel.  Then, the digipeater flood
> gates would fill your screen very quickly with fewer gaps.

I rather suspect the current configuration (i.e. power-up defaults) is rather
far from what the ARISS team would like to see. But without a functioning means
of setting *any* parameters on the TNC at the moment, we're likely to be talking
to "NOCALL" for a while. :-) 

At the moment we have much better control of AO-40 than we do of the ARISS TNC.
Maybe now that Dennis Tito is licenced and tasked with operating comms gear he
will have some time to help us out...let's get him a Palm Pilot with a serial
cable or something, eh?

I can't help but think of S.R. Hadden in "Contact" when I read news stories
about Tito. 

73 de Maggie ("She's doing *all* the dishes!")  K3XS

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