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iss pass 2212z

this pass was almost directly overhead. i tried tuning for doppler on the 
receive. but find that either my radio doesn't care or it has good ears 
because i captured more leaving the radio on 145.800 than when i tried to 
adjust it. (maybe i was tuning in the wrong direction). at the end of the pass, i 
ended up at 145.795 but quickly tuning back to 145.800, i still captured the 
last packet. i missed one or two in the middle when i was tuning up and down 
to see if i could get a better signal. i did try to connect in the middle but it did 
not come back. so time for a new radio. must have a deviation problem like 
bob spoke about.


W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:12:04 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:12:19 UTC]: <<UI>>:
Andy in Houston!

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:12:29 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:12:55 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:13:22 UTC]: <<UI>>:
2213 UTC 13APR01

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:13:51 UTC]: <<UI>>:
FB Sigs Hr Today!

KK5DO>CQ,NOCALL/V [2001/APR/13 22:15:03 UTC]: <UI>:

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:15:10 UTC]: <<UI>>:
Hello from Houston via ISS!

WA5TET>S2UW7V,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:15:35 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'|Ihl -/]wa5tet@arrl.net

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:15:49 UTC]: <<UI>>:
Hello WA5TET

WA5TET>S2UW7V,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:16:01 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'|Ihl -/]wa5tet@arrl.net

VE3EYR>EN92UX,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:16:37 UTC]: <UI>:

VE3EYR>EN92UX,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:16:38 UTC]: <UI>:
]_[WinAPRS 2.2.8 Gerry ve3eyr@amsat.org

N5ZNL-7>3R2V3U,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:17:15 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'v]Fl >/]

WA5TET>S2UW7V,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:17:22 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'|Ihl -/]wa5tet@arrl.net

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:17:33 UTC]: <<UI>>:
hi w4ame

WA5TET>S2UW7V,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:17:49 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'|Ihl -/]wa5tet@arrl.net

N5ZNL-7>3R2V3U,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:18:08 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'v]Fl >/]

KB2WQM-4>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:18:42 UTC]: <<UI>>:
>fm29pe/* good eve fr SNJ

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:19:11 UTC]: <<UI>>:

VE3UO-7>T4PY3R,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:19:27 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'i2Ol K\>ve3uo@rac.ca Blvl ON

W5ACM-2>EL29EQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:19:44 UTC]: <<UI>>:

VE4KGB>EO10,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:19:55 UTC]: <<UI>>:
Gary Lake Winnipeg,MB  ve4kgb@rac.ca

WB9ZLM>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:20:01 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KB2WQM-4>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:20:07 UTC]: <<UI>>:
>fm29pe/* hi Rick

N3ZLL>FM29BN,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:20:30 UTC]: <UI>:

K2ISS>FN30PT,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:20:38 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W2EV>CQ0D22-2,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:20:53 UTC]: <<UI>>:
[FN03XD] w2ev@arrl.net

K2ISS>FN30PT,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/13 22:20:59 UTC]: <<UI>>:

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