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Re: What am I doing wrong...?]

Hello Jim!

12 Apr 01 22:10, you wrote to sarex@amsat.org:

 JS> How much deviation are successful uplinkers running?  I'm looking for
 JS> actual numbers, not subjective 'as loud as other local packet'
 JS> answers. How about RX bandwidth of the ISS RX?  ISS can't seem to hear
 JS> me running 80 watts to a turnstile or a 17-el. boomer.  This is the
 JS> same system used successfully with MIR, and it still works well on the
 JS> local DX cluster.

Could the ISS Rx be a little narrower than the one used on Mir?  If so, then
perhaps Doppler correction is a bit more critical.

Just a thought

Tony, VK3JED

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