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Re: Re: TX-Cycle Recommendation?

James R. Gorr wrote:

>> Ahh...  Why is the packet a duplex freq?  Since I am not running APRS,
>> only beaconing my posistion, I really don't care about RXing the ISS,
>> just TXing through it.  If I make it, I'll see myself on ariss.net.  So,
>> I just changed my radio to 145.99 simplex.  The only other stations I'll
>> hear are local ones, but if collisions are my problem for now, this
>> should help out somewhat.

Not much. How many stations do you hear on the uplink? Do you hear 
*any*? At most one or maybe even two? What percentage of the active 
stations in the footprint do you think that is?

There's nothing *you* can do on an individual basis that will make 
muchdifference. *Everyone* (well, a majority at the very least) in the 
footprint has to show a liitle discipline and courtesy for this to work.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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