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possible reason for no iss voice qso

let's disregard the possibilty that they truly were busy and did not have time to 
make any contacts. 

fact: we have been asking and pleading for some ham radio use from the iss 
since expedition 1 crew arrived.

fact: finally they hooked up the tnc and got it to work in the digi mode. 
woohoo...ham radio activity from the iss.

supposition: what if the crew is afraid at this point to disconnect the tnc, 
change frequency and then not be able to get the tnc to work again?
wouldn't we all be a bit put off? i have a feeling that turning it off, making qso's 
over europe, hooking it back up and turning it on for the next orbit or two and 
then turning it off again for the u.s., etc. was not what they really want to do 
and thus, left it in tnc mode. 

at least we have the tnc operating and if they leave it operating for the next 
year, would be still be upset at them for not making any voice qso's? 
probably, but not as upset as we would be if it stopped altogether.

p.s. i did capture two stations trying to digipeat with the iss on this evenings 
pass of uo-14 (0330z) and have notified them that it is an oopsie to do that. 
(a third station was caught a couple days ago and they have stopped) 
remember, uo-14's input is 145.975 MHz FM and the ISS is 145.990 MHz 
FM. Your signal will get in to UO-14 and cause QRM. if operating unattended, 
please set your tnc to receive mode only.


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