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Re: What am I doing wrong...?]

On 4/12/01 11:10 PM Jim Shorney (jshorney@inebraska.com) wrote:

>Does anyone know the measured deviation of the ISS packet transmitter? 
>Is it more or less than MIR?  I'm copying packets, but not as many as I
>think I should.  Signals seem good, and I was able to hear several
>packets on an HT with a rubber duck in a church basement earlier this
I'm decoding packets almost horizon to horizon, in a vehicle with a D700. 
The signal does go up and down, sometimes I hear packets that are deep in 
the noise. 

Recall that the present antenna is not tuned for ham frequencies, the 
final antennas will have better earth exposure and be better tuned for 
ham frequencies.

>How much deviation are successful uplinkers running?  

My D700 tested out a few months ago at 2.7 kHz. Today I got 2 of 2 
packets through on low power (5 watts) into a quarter wave mag mount 
whip. Maybe I'm just lucky, but it doesn't take much!

Steve K4HG
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