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iss pass at 2309z still no voice

here is what my tnc captured while i was eating dinner. as the next and final 
pass for houston is in about an hour and 20 minutes, that pass is only a 4 
minute duration. so guess the voice qso's are not going to happen today. 
what a disappointment and a loss of sleep.

KM5BS-4>3R4TYW,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:09:39 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'oa~l +/>>DM82KR

W5ACM-2>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:10:06 UTC]: <<UI>>:

KM5BS-4>3R4TYW,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:10:10 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'oa~l +/>>DM82KR

WB9AWX>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:10:26 UTC]: <UI>:
Jay in Los Angeles via ISS

W5ACM-2>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:10:38 UTC]: <<UI>>:
Hello from Houston!

W5ACM-2>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:11:05 UTC]: <<UI>>:

WB9AWX>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:11:09 UTC]: <UI>:
Jay in Los Angeles via ISS

WB9AWX>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:11:24 UTC]: <UI>:
Jay in Los Angeles via ISS

WB9AWX>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:11:46 UTC]: <UI>:
Jay in Los Angeles via ISS

NK0Z>EM28JW,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:11:53 UTC]: <UI>:

WB9AWX>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:12:40 UTC]: <UI>:
Jay in Los Angeles via ISS

W5ACM-2>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:13:10 UTC]: <<UI>>:

NK0Z>EM28JW,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:13:23 UTC]: <UI>:
Bruce in Lawrence, KS

W5ACM-2>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:13:39 UTC]: <<UI>>:

N5VFF-1>DM78,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:13:58 UTC]: <UI>:
Howdy W5ACM-2

WD4OZN>EM55,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:14:31 UTC]: <<UI>>:
hello n5vff-1

N9AB>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:14:38 UTC]: <UI>:

W5ACM-2>EL29,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:14:43 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W3IP>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:15:02 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W3IP>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:15:19 UTC]: <<UI>>:
from FM19QA Crownsville, Md

W3IP>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:15:29 UTC]: <<UI>>:
from FM19QA Crownsville, Md

W5ACM-2>EL29,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:15:41 UTC]: <<UI>>:

K5PK>EM96TD,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:15:58 UTC]: <UI>:

NK0Z>EM28JW,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:16:05 UTC]: <UI>:
Bruce in Lawrence, KS

NOCALL>N9XWP/V [2001/APR/12 23:16:13 UTC]: <<DM>>:

KA0KLV-1>WB9AWX,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:16:13 UTC]: <<C>>:

KA0KLV-1>WB9AWX,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:16:31 UTC]: <<C>>:

N5VFF-1>DM78,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:16:54 UTC]: <UI>:

KB2WQM-3>3Y1Q0W,NOCALL*,WIDE,WIDE/V [2001/APR/12 23:16:56 UTC]: <<UI>>:
'fH~l j/]

W8KZM>N9XWP,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:17:07 UTC]: <<C>>:

NK0Z>EM28JW,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:17:18 UTC]: <UI>:

W4SV>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:17:21 UTC]: <UI>:

K5PK>EM96TD,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:17:45 UTC]: <UI>:
40 watts

W5ACM-2>EL29,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:17:56 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W3IP>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:18:12 UTC]: <<UI>>:

N9AB>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:18:57 UTC]: <UI>:

N2SPI>EARTH,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:19:06 UTC]: <UI>:
Hello from Richard in Smithville Flats, NY [FN22]

N2SPI>EARTH,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:19:18 UTC]: <UI>:

KQ2V>FN30JV,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:19:20 UTC]: <<UI>>:

WD4OZN>EM55,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:19:28 UTC]: <<UI>>:

W4SV>CQ,NOCALL*/V [2001/APR/12 23:19:31 UTC]: <UI>:
Stan in Hanna, IN  w4sv@arrl.net

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