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Re: [amsat-bb] Re: TX-Cycle Recommendation?

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> For a position/status, I see no need for more
> than  one success per pass or maybe 2 widely separated so as to hit those
> both  before you and after you on the ground track.
> Any station that has successfully seen his APRS POSIT/STATUS packet in the
> downlink should cease transmitting it at that point.
> On ISS, We hope that after the initial excitement, that things will settle
> down into a healty routine where everyone gets their small one second
> chance to be seen... 

I really have to wholeheratedly endorse this point of view. I have watched the
accessability of "the digi on ISS" (which I'll feel better about calling
"RZ3DZR-1" when it actually has that callsign configured :-) ) go from "no
problem" to "a snowball's chance in hell" in three days. It's definately showing
signs of being The Mother of All Pileups, and the rate at which downlink packets
are showing up is actually going *down* with time as the rate of uplink attempts
goes up. When I see a pass with five or six downlinks of the same UI, I have to
wonder how much EIRP somebody is using to do that.

I also wonder what the uplink sounds like from orbit on audio...:-) 

Making this worse is probably the full-duplex nature of the link--your TNC can't
*hear* the other uplink signals so it has no idea of when it's stepping on
sombody else.      

Oh, well...at least it got me off my duff to configure my XASTIR to use my TNC.
Too bad that by the time I managed to do that it had all hit the fan :-) 

 73 de Maggie K3XS, who's hoping things calm down soon
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