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Turnstile antennas...


Rip, I saw ur post and your web page about turnstile antennas. I
also use a turnstile antenna along with a Mirage pre-amp, and I
am pleased with the results (at least on receive...he he ..). If
ISS or MIR is (was) greater than 5-10 deg. above the horizon,
they are full scale at this qth...

My turnstile is a bit different in that I have "folded dipoles"
for the elements using 300 ohm twinlead. I then used another
piece ot 300 ohm twinlead for the 1/2 wavelength phasing harness
between the two dipoles. For the feedline I use RG-8 coax (I
know its not the "right stuff", but my feed length is only 15
feet, so my loss in the coax is less than 1 db at 2 meters...)
and a 4:1 coaxal balun. My SWR is 1.3:1

This whole antenna is stapled up in the rafters of my attic 3/8
wavelength off the attic floor, where I laid down steel window
screen underneath as a reflector.

This is a very inexpensive antenna system that seems to work

     -- Mike

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