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Re: DM blocks

Bruce Paige wrote:

> why are there <DM> blocks being sent? i thought that in unproto there is no 
> connection to a remote tnc.
> 73...bruce
> NOCALL>W5DID/V [2001/APR/12 05:08:26 UTC]: <<DM>>:
> NOCALL>N2QBR/V [2001/APR/12 05:08:34 UTC]: <<DM>>:

Because some folks haven't gotten the word that the idea is *not* to 
CONNECT NOCALL. The note on the original experiment mentioned doing 
that, as a first step to trying the first digipeat. And I did it on the 
next pass (followed by a quick DISC)...this was before the uplink got 
crowded on the East Coast. :-)

Then the word got out as to How It Should Be Done, especially since we 
aren't sure if the TNC is in ECHO ON or not, and may be buffering 
console output waiting for somebody up there to have the time (and 
courage; the network up there is kinda flakey,we hear) to bring a laptop 
to the ARISS TNC, plug it in and reset the configuration.

Maybe we oughtta send up a Palm Pilot with a terminal program and a 
serial cable, just so they don't have to steal a laptop from 
73 de Maggie K3XS

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