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Re: 11 April 2236Z Success!

This is the second inquiry about my "Shuttle Turnstile", so I thought I 
would share the answer with the group ...


The Shuttle Turnstile was manufactured by Cushcraft back when they first 
started doing SAREX missions on the shuttles.

Sadly, it is no longer being manufactured that I know of.

I bought mine at a hamfest used at least 10 years ago but mostly just 
stored it until this year. I think that last night was the first time I 
actually made a "contact" with it!

This antenna is a turnstile with a reflector. Similar antennas have been 
written up in the ARRL Antenna book.

You can look at http://www.cebik.com/turns.html for the basics of a 
turnstile antenna.

The added feature of the Cushcraft antenna is that it has a pair of 
reflectors, which turn the antenna into essentially a pair of crossed 
2-element yagis. That will give it extra gain straight up.

Another concept is the "eggbeater". I have the materials to build one of 
the antennas on K5OE's web site, but haven't had the time to focus on it. I 
think his "Eggbeater II" would be ideal. See:


Hope this helps

73 de K3XO

At 09:43 PM 4/11/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Rip.
>Can you describe this "Shuttle Turnstile" antenna, or point me to more info?
>Thanks and congrats on working the ISS TNC.

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