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Re: Minimum ERP to digi ISS...

At WB6FZH (CN-80), Northern California's Shasta-Trinity National Forest, 
(760mtrs elevation, 4-9K mountains all around me) I used 10w(OUT) and an 
Arrow dualband "J" antenna, 7 mtrs up (80' of RG-213).  I made it on the 
"Last Westcoast Pass" that N6CO chronicled here on this reflector.  I was 
delighted to have the opportunity, and hope to have the proper manually 
configured APRS data for the internet website display soon.  

On the last MIR digi event, I used same antenna, and a 3W output HT and was 
able to digi-qso about half of the 30 stations "worked", and 10w the other 
half.  Much of this was done very late at night that decreased those that 
were on frequency. I was also able to use HT when /KH6 in Kaneohe, HI 
('93-99), because there was but a handful of stations ever using MIR 
packet/digi in Hawaii.  

The KH6/WB6FZH to N6CO Trans-Pacific Digi was done with 50w(OUT) and 75' of 
RG-213 to an Eggbeater at 7 mtrs (less than 2 degrees elevation both ends).  
I am a long time HF/VHF QRPer, but one must use the power (ERP) required.

Looking forward to "seeing" you all on the radio, 72/73  Greg Greenwood  
http://members.aol.com/greg6fzh/       website 
www.trinitycam.com       webcam CN-80
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