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ISS Pass 2258z over Eastern US

Well I read what was going on and took Bob's excellent instructions and
setup a memory on my D700 and was rewarded with success.

I copied

WF1F - digipeated UI frames, no posit
WB4APR-9 - message through
KB2WQM-7 - posit and digipeated frames
and myself N1BQ-8

 I got a posit through and a message to WQM though but no return ACK.

I copied/decoded frames at barely one bar on the meter. At the middle of
the pass it was full scale on my D700 running a 40 odd inch Comet
2m/70cm whip on the roof of the Blazer.

I was having trouble with www.heavens-above.com  I put in the ham radio
all passes option Skip said and still only got a visible pass. I
extrapolated the 1858 pass based on a message that there was one around
1620 ... guess I am gonna have to drag out PREDICT or something else.
There's two more passes tonight. What rough time is the first
Radio-visible pass early tomorrow morning?

 cheers ... brian, n1bq

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