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ISS Packet Digipeater is WORKING!

Getting ISS pass times:

Without having to download and install keps into a program to determine the pass times (and because the ISS maneuvers frequently), there are a number of convenient free web sites to use.  I prefer www.heavens-above.com   After you input your location by entering your coordinates or selecting your city, do *NOT* choose the 10-day ISS pass predictions or daily predictions, as these are for visual observers and only show "dark-time passes."  Go down to the "24 hour predictions for radio amateur satellites (all passes)" link and find all ISS passes from there (also good for AO-27 and the other ham birds.)  Although this does not give you start and stop pass azimuths, it does give start and stop times and max azimuth and elevation, so you can see how good a pass it will be.  Also, note that you are not given the uplink frequencies - they're available elsewhere.

Chris Peat, webmaster, updates the keps direct from NASA every 3 hours, since the ISS does maneuver frequently.


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