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Re: ISS Packet System

My CONGRATULATIONS TO Frank and the entire ISS crew for getting the
PACKET turned on!  Wow, just like MIR is back!

But if I may suggest, the use of a "CONNECTION" to NOCALL and even worse,
a DIGIPEAT CONNECTION is the worst possible means of using this very
valuable asset.

Please everyone, do NOT attempt connections TO or VIA ISS.  CONNECTIONS
have been demonstrated to be grossly inefficient and almost impossible via
a space digipeater.  The best way to use this asset is to do UI
Digipeating.  Then you can communicate with everyone in the footprint with
an order of magnitude greater success...  

Just set your UNPROTO to CQ VIA NOCALL and go to CONVERSE Mode and get
ready to CHAT with everyone!

 On Sun, 8 Apr 2001, Frank H. Bauer wrote:

> On the next pass (2:32 UTC), I tried again with the results shown 
> below.  You can see that the digi is on...I was digipeating through ISS to 
> K3XO-1 (Rip Smith).  One conclusion that can be made from this is that APRS 
> operations appear feasible when the ISS packet system is on.
> cmd:c nocall
> cmd:c k3xo-1 via nocall
> cmd:KA3HDO>K3XO-1,NOCALL* <C>
> I would be interested in getting other reports from other hams on 
> this....particularly the APRS advocates in the fold.
> Bottom line....it appears that the packet system is alive and appears to be 
> able to support APRS, but without the parameters we installed prior to 
> flight.  The ARISS team will continue to work with  Expedition 2 crew to 
> get the packet parameters installed so that the packet system fully configured.
> 73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

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