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Re: ISS Packet System

Before jumping to any conclusions, I would like to know what the operations 
protocol is for
APRS on ISS (APRS/ISS).  For example, is it going to be a WIDE 
digipeater?  Is it going to
transmit its location?  Etc...

I spoke with a local amateur the other night who flys balloons.  On one of 
his flights he activated
the APRS digipeater.  It was a disaster!  The high altitude of the balloon 
and the number of people
it saw caused a MASSIVE hidden terminal problem.  Although they were 
unconnected packets,
multible stations would key up at the same time making the frequency almost 
unuseable.  The fact
that he had the PBBS turned on as well didn't help either.  Now he just 
beacons so he can track it!

I am looking forward to Packet operations onboard the ISS!  Mostly to 
connect to it...leave messages
for the crew, and receive responses.  Store and Forward is what I'm 
saying.  Even if the messages
were general third party messages, it is MY OPINION that the frequency 
would be less conjested.
Yes, there will ALWAYS be a hidden terminal issue until they fly an actual 
digital repeater (which
would be WAY cool).  WB6YMH in Southern California built a repeater that 
ONLY hears data, as
I'm sure many others out here have also.

While it is possible to "digipete" through the ISS, it would result in 
conjestion and open connections
once the ISS goes out of range.

I am NOT saying that any of this experimentation is "WRONG".  I have my own 
interests for
ISS/PACKET operations as I'm sure the "keyboard", "APRS", "PBBS", and other 
people do.
At this point I'm more curious as to what we can expect.

Thank You for your time!  I am anticipating the resulting discussions...

>I would be interested in getting other reports from other hams on 
>this....particularly the APRS advocates in the fold.
>Bottom line....it appears that the packet system is alive and appears to 
>be able to support APRS, but without the parameters we installed prior to 
>flight.  The ARISS team will continue to work with  Expedition 2 crew to 
>get the packet parameters installed so that the packet system fully configured.


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