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ISS Ham Cosmonautics QSO Day

With the help of the ARISS team orbital mechanics expert (Gil WA5NOM)
the ARISS team has prepared a list of *suggested* passes for the
Cosmonautics Day event.  The actual pass times are expected to change by
10 or 15 minutes due to the unusually high level of solar activity.  The
crew is very busy on the 12th and we'll all have to be patient and hope
they can make a few of these *suggested* passes.  We encourage people to
monitor all their passes that day, as the crew may need to adjust their

Western U.S.                    07:53-08:13 UTC
Central Russia and Japan        13:43-14:13 UTC
Western Russia                  18:29-18:49 UTC
Europe                          19:59-20:19 UTC
Australia                       18:58-19:18 UTC

The east coast pass at the end of the day will not start until 21:21
UTC, which we understand is into the crew sleep period.

The standard frequencies will be used and are on the ARISS web pages
(http://ariss.gsfc.nasa.gov).  Please LISTEN BEFORE TRANSMITTING!!!  You
cannot complete a QSO unless you can hear the crew.  Transmitting when
you can't first hear the crew only adds QRM and will spoil another
person's QSO!  Wait until the crew calls for a new contact.  Then send
your callsign on the uplink.  The crew will select someone for the next
QSO.  Be patient until they finish and the crew calls for the next
contact.  (Yes, SWL cards will be issued too.)  Please be courteous and
help this crew work as many stations as possible.  Thanks, the ARISS
team appreciates all the enthusiasm and patience of the worldwide ham
        The ARISS Team.

Will Marchant
marchant@ssl.berkeley.edu       http://chips.ssl.berkeley.edu/~marchant/
kc6rol@amsat.org                http://home.earthlink.net/~willmarchant/
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