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Re: Return Address...

At 04:24 PM 4/5/2001 -0600, Dino Darling wrote:
>Why does this list use the ORIGINATORS e-mail address for the reply?

Because sending a message to the mailing list (1500 subscribers) should 
require a conscious act of intention. With the reply address sent to the 
mailing list, a certain number of replies that were intended to be personal 
end up going to the mailing list. Aside from the clutter this creates, it 
can be embarrassing.

Also, there are some poorly-designed email programs that make it difficult 
or impossible to override the effect of a "Reply-to" header. Users of those 
email programs find "Reply-to" very inconvenient.

>   Most lists point the e-mail
>BACK to the listserv so everyone can see the response.  Sure would make it 

Easier? Just click the "reply all" button instead of the "reply" button.

Let's not have a discussion on this. It's off-topic for the SAREX mailing 
list. Feel free to continue this discussion in email to me. (And there's 
another reason why a "Reply-to" header is undesirable: it encourages 
off-topic discussions to continue on the mailing list.)

73  -Paul
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