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Space Station special event for Cosmonautics Day! (April 12)

The ARISS team has received permission from the ISS controllers to
declare April 12th (Cosmonautics day) a "special event" day for ham
radio on the International Space Station.  The ARISS team is requesting
the crew, on a voluntary basis, to run general QSOs over the major
landmasses of the Earth to help celebrate Cosmonautics Day.

This year the April 12th Cosmonautics Day holiday celebrates the 40th
anniversary of the first human spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin, the 30th
anniversary of the first space station (Salyut 1), and the 20th
anniversary of the first launch of the first reusable space vehicle, the
space shuttle.

Specific operating times and modes will be announced later.  Please
check back to the ARISS web page at http://ariss.gsfc.nasa.gov/ page for
the latest details.

Will Marchant
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