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New ISS Crews Named


I have attached a press release with the new ISS Crews named.  There are a 
couple of crew members that I would like to point out that have been 
extremely active on the Shuttle and Mir ham radio systems in the 
past.  These include Don Thomas on expedition 5 and Mike Foale & Bill 
McArthur on Expedition 8.  I am pretty excited about the Expedition 8 
crew.  That crew sounds like an amateur radio "dream team" to me.

As these crews get trained, we will keep you informed of their amateur 
radio plans.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

 > Kirsten Larson
 > Headquarters, Washington, DC             March 23, 2001
 > (Phone: 202/358-0243)
 > Doug Peterson
 > Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
 > (Phone: 281/483-5111)
 > RELEASE: 01-45
 >      As the Expedition Two crew gets settled aboard the
 > International Space Station, American crew members for future
 > space station missions have begun formal training to meet
 > launch dates, beginning in 2002.
 > The 14 astronauts, six assigned to primary crews and eight
 > assigned to backup crews, will join a corps of expedition
 > astronauts and cosmonauts previously named to the first four
 > International Space Station expeditions. Russian members of
 > these new expedition crews will be formally announced in the
 > near future.
 > "These assignments signal that the space station is ready for
 > long-term operations," said Charlie Precourt, the chief of
 > the Astronaut Office at NASA's Johnson Space Center in
 > Houston, TX. "We have an outstanding corps of highly
 > qualified astronauts who will complete assembly and take the
 > station into a new era of scientific research in space."
 > The Expedition Five crew will consist of astronaut Peggy
 > Whitson (Ph.D.) and two Russian cosmonauts, one of whom will
 > be the mission commander. This will be Whitson's first space
 > flight. She was selected as an astronaut in 1996 after
 > serving in a number of research positions at Johnson.
 > Astronaut Scott J. Kelly (Lt. Cmdr., USN), who flew on STS-
 > 103 in 1999, will serve as Whitson's backup.
 > Kenneth Bowersox (Capt. USN) will command the Expedition Six
 > crew that includes astronaut Donald Thomas (Ph.D.) and a
 > Russian cosmonaut. Bowersox will be taking his fifth trip to
 > space, having flown on STS-50 in 1992, STS-61 in 1993, STS-73
 > in 1995, and STS-82 in 1997. Bowersox also trained as a
 > backup crew member to Bill Shepherd on the first expedition
 > crew. Thomas, another veteran astronaut, flew in space on
 > STS-65 in 1994, STS-70 in 1995, STS-83 in 1997, and STS-94 in
 > 1997. Carlos I. Noriega (Lt. Col., USMC) is the backup
 > commander to Bowersox, and Donald Pettit (Ph.D.) will back up
 > Thomas. Noriega flew on STS-84 in 1997 and STS-97 in 2000,
 > and Pettit is a space rookie.
 > American astronaut Ed Lu (Ph.D.) along with a Russian
 > commander and flight engineer make up the Expedition Seven
 > crew. Lu will take his third trip to space, having flown on
 > STS-84 in 1997 and STS-106 in 2000. Paul Richards, also
 > aboard the STS-102 mission, will serve as a backup to Lu.
 > Astronaut Michael Foale (Ph.D.), serving as commander of
 > Expedition Eight, will have William McArthur (Col., USA) and
 > a Russian cosmonaut as flight engineers. Foale has flown in
 > space five times, including a long-duration stay aboard Mir
 > in 1997. He served as a member of STS-45 in 1992, STS-56 in
 > 1993, STS-63 in 1995, STS-84 and STS-86 on his trip to Mir,
 > and STS-103 in 1999. McArthur will be taking his fourth trip
 > into space, having flown on STS-58 in 1993, STS-74 in 1995,
 > and STS-92 in 2000. Leroy Chiao (Ph.D.) is training as backup
 > commander for Foale, and John Phillips (Ph.D.) will be
 > McArthur's backup. Chiao is a space veteran with three
 > missions, STS-65, STS-72, and STS-92, and Phillips is
 > currently training for his first flight, STS-100, scheduled
 > to launch in April 2001.
 > A list of all astronauts and cosmonauts in training at
 > Johnson, along with their biographical data, can be found on
 > the Internet at:
 >               http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/
 >                            -end- 

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