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MIR, Bonus and best visual.


The cloud broke up enough to give us one last look, and it was spectacular!  

20:06 EDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) is dusk, with the Western sky still bright. MIR rose in the North and sped across the sky, so bright it was visible through the clouds. At the breaks it was by far the brightest object in the sky, flashing as the solar panels caught the sun, finally disappearing behind a bank of heavy cloud in the Sou-east..

This was a double bonus. The forecast cloud and rain held off and it was the brightest, fastest most spectacular I have seen... far brighter than Venus in the Evening sky, brighter even than many Irridium flares, and contiuously so!!!

Good luck to the Control Crew,

Mount Hope Australia
Voice of The Edge of The Outback

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