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               TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE
                        Arthur Z. Rowe

Russia must be very proud of itself to be the only country in this
to have a Space Station floating around the globe in a micro-gravity
atmosphere for the past eleven years.

For the past two years it has afforded me many hours of pleasure and
enjoyment to speak with the cosmanauts and astronauts that have been and
still are onboard the 'MIR' space station.

For the past several months I have been talking with one of the MIR 22
crew Commander Valery Kurzon and have enjoyed every last moment. Although
I reside in Mass. I was also able to contact him when I was on vacation
in Miami, Fla. Several of these contacts were made from my car as well
as the base, using a vertical antenna. 

I have recorded some of the conversation and have played them on
our local AMSAT nets for many more to hear. One of my biggest thrills
was to hear one of our local schools, the Triton JHS, in Byfield,Mass.
talk to the astronauts and the cosmanauts. This was accomplished through
the efforts of their teacher KC1XG John Lovering, WF1F G.Myles Mann the
school co-ordinator for MIR and N6CO the QSL manager Dr.Dave Larsen who
at his own expense acknowledges, prints and forwards all the mail.

                        BEEP, BEEP, BEEP

History repeats itself forty years later. On 4/10/57 Russia put into
orbit SPUTNIK - 1 to astound the world and start the exploration into
space. The satellite sent out a beacon-BEEP, BEEP, BEEP that was heard
around the world by many short wave listeners and HAMS. Anybody that
heard the weak signals was thrilled, and remember it to this day.

To celebrate the occasion students in Russia and France built 2 one-third
scale models. One of these was hand launched by a cosmanaut
on 3/11/97, during an EVA (Space Walk) while repairing one of the damaged
solar panels. SPUTNIK-40 (RS-17) was built to emit its beacon
for approximately one month sending out a beacon of 100-200 mw on the
frequency of 145.820mh. The beacon was quite clear and the first time
that I heard it was on the day it was launched at 0735 & 0912 hours EST.

Special QSL cards can be obtained from either SERGEI SAMBOUROV, P.O.Box
73, Korolev-10 City 141070, Russia. Send a SAE enclosing one IRC inside
(#10) envelope. DO NOT SHOW ANY CALLSIGNS on the outsides of either
envelope. Another QSL address is: FR5KJ Radio Club-College Jules
Reydellet 103 Rue de la Republique 97 489 Saint Denis Cedex, Reunion
Island, France. For a certificate enclose 2 - IRC and a 6x9 return
envelope. Good luck to all.
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