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Mir/ISS/Amateur Radio

Hi All,
    Relative to Mir's planned deorbit there are several excellent stories
appearing about Mir and the great success of the Amateur Radio Systems
aboard Mir.
    As referenced in the MAREX-NA web page below several of us were involved
in the Mir SSTV Hardware system.  We too, will be saddened by the loss of
this equipment which gave Amateur Radio Operators and others worldwide,
many exciting "live" pictures which were set up and transmitted by the Mir
Crews during their Outer Space orbits..
    It is planned that the ISS will also support a new advanced SSTV System
and details can be learned by checking the following URL at:


    Stay tuned for updates on progress of the ISS SSTV System.

                                    Farrell Winder, W8ZCF

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