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Re: Arcadia School Contact

Although our entire club is still stunned by this morning's contact, we
are starting to realize what happened. WE DID IT! After a wonderful, but
short amateur radio conversation with Arcadia alumnus Bill Shepherd, we
had to sit back just to realize the immensity of what had happened.
Having only started this club five months ago, this historic occasion
bears witness to the hard work and intense dedication of our members and
in the fact that the powers that be believed in us. It is especially
exciting considering that all but two of us have had our licenses for
only three months! Yes, you read that correctly; five out of seven
licensed amateurs at Arcadia received their calls only 9 weeks before
the contact. They have done incredible things in a marvelously short
period of time, and pulled it off successfully. We look forward to a
long future of amateur radio excitement at Arcadia, as 75% of us are
either freshmen or sophomores. I do not mean to be gushing praise for
our club; I just wanted to give you an idea of how hard all of these
young hams have worked in order to fulfill this dream. More than
anything, though, I must thank Frank Bauer, Will Marchant, Charlie
Sufana, and of course, Bill Shepherd at NASA for their hard work in
scheduling us at the last minute for this contact. In the ham radio
community, there are simply too many people to thank, but a few of the
countless generous hams who helped us are: Steve Bible, Steve Jensen,
Dr. Allen Cameron, Walt Schuknect, and Mark Rennebaum. With the support
of Ham Radio Outlet, M2, and other Ham radio clubs and companies, we
managed to ignite the dreams of a club, a school, and a city. Thank you
everybody; you all are awesome.  The future leaders and inventors of
amateur radio have just made their first spectacular QSO, paving the way
to a bright future. Our club may QRT for a nap, but WE WILL BE BACK!


Ross Tucker,AC7JO, President 
Arcadia High School Amateur Radio Club
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