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HELP! Shep's Alma Mater trying to contact him!

All amateurs in the western US,
	My name is Ross Tucker. I am a senior at Arcadia High School, Commander
Bill Shepherd's alma mater. In the last 4 months, I have cofounded a
radio club to try to contact our hero alumnus. So far, with over $3000
in donations, 5 new licensed hams, and a working station, we feel ready
to make the contact.
	I am sending this message out not only to inform you of our efforts,
but also to request your support. Tomorrow, Wednesday 28, at 1710 UTC
(10:10 AM local), we will attempt to call KD5GSL. First, I would like to
confirm that calling on 144.49 MHz and listening on 145.80 MHz is
correct. If this is correct, please do not respond. On the other hand,
if you have heard ANYTHING to the contrary, please post to the list IMMEDIATELY.
	Secondly, if anybody near Phoenix Arizona could listen while we try
this, that would be greatly appreciated. We are running 45W to a 2MCP22
22 element array on an az-el base, and I'm not sure how much you will
hear. Nevertheless, any hams that could help us would earn our deepest
gratitude. Please post to this listserv so we know if anyone will be listening.
	Finally, if anybody in Phoenix has a 22A, 13.8VDC power supply that we
could borrow for a week or two, we could use our 150W amplifier- a big help!
	I know I am asking a lot. I apologize if I have offended anybody, but
we are very excited and our entire school is thrilled at this
possibility. If this does not work, we have only 5-6 more good passes
availible to us. More details as events warrant.
	Again- please listen on 145.80 and also on our transmit frequency of
144.49 so if he starts calling back and we hear nothing, we'll know
we've got a problem or if you can hear our transmissions. Also, if these
frequencies may be wrong, please post IMMEDIATELY.
	Now for the most selfish plea of all; but if nearby hams would not
contact him from 1705 to 1725 UTC, that would really help. 
	Thank you for your time and help.
73, DE AC7JO
Ross Tucker
President, Arcadia High School Amateur Radio Club (KD7LAC) <-- callsign
I will use
School phone (urgent messages only, send for Ross Tucker)- 602-952-6300

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