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ISS School Contact Info?

I have been trying to keep our local club members updated as to when the ISS
will be making contacts with schools.  We have been thrilled to listen in to
the downlink when the station is in range of north Texas during a pass.  The
signal has always been strong even on a talkie.

However, I don't ever get much advanced notice and it's hard to get the word
out to everybody in a timely manner.  Particularly, we would like to set up
situations where we take a talkie into a local classroom to let the students
listen in.  This would be a great way to promote the educational benefits of
Amateur Radio.

My only source of info is this list server and the ARRL web site.  I check
both daily.  Does anybody have any ideas of how I, or all of us, can get ISS
school sked info sooner?

James Alderman, KF5WT
Dallas, TX  USA

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