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RE: Shuttle Lands

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> Has nothing to do with bulk, weight, etc.  It is
> a question of:  will it blow up and kill the
> astronauts and destroy the shuttle and if not,
> who is willing to stick their neck out and say so?
> Will it generate EMI that causes the computers
> on board to malfunction?  Are you willing to
> risk several billion dollars worth of hardware
> and the very expensive lives of people on
> just grabbing an HT and sending it up without
> tons of certifications and testing?
> In addition,  every pound of stuff is expensive
> to loft to orbit.
> It is indeed, a complex issue much more difficult
> in many ways other than the trivialities you
> mention.
> Cheers,
> Bob
> N4HY
I would say that that's the main reason ... and for the same reason that if
I were a pilot of a 747 I wouldn't want a passenger to using his HT in the
back. The ILS is just below two meters and I don't know the quality of his
equipment ... the last thing in the wold I want is some RFI to screw up the
glide slope reception!!

NASA probably goes overboard in testing  ... but ....


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