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SSTV from the ISS!  I see exciting times again are on the way.  SSTV from
MIR was just what I needed to renew my interest in space and amateur radio.
After seeing some of the messages posted to the BB these past few days about
SSTV on the ISS,  I had to do a little reminiscing about the excitement that
was created with SSTV from MIR.

 Someone half way around the world from us would post a message to the BB
about receiving a picture from MIR and the rest of us would wait with
excitement for MIR to pass overhead or near our QTH so we might have the
opportunity to copy an SSTV image and post it to our web pages or email it
around the world.

 It was a great time for making new friends around the world, and with a
little luck be able to have a QSO with someone aboard MIR.  I am still
waiting for my chance to have a QSO with someone aboard the ISS.

I have posted to my web page a few of the images I received from MIR at this
QTH. Most of these were received when I was at work.  I used Instant Track
for tracking and the Kansas City Tracker card for controlling the rotor for
the beam and WIN95SSTV to decode and save the images to the hard drive.   I
would even leave everything up and running when I would go on vacation, just
in hopes of capturing one more image and add it to my collection.

Many thanks to those who made SSTV from MIR possible by putting the system
together, getting it approved and keeping us updated with the latest KEPS
for MIR.
I understand the new SSTV system for the ISS will be even better.

To see some of my SSTV pictures I received from the MIR just click on the
URL below.


E-mail address:    copeland@southwind.net

Hayes Copeland
Goddard, KS  EM-17

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