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Re: Happy 15th Birthday MIR - correction

Hi everyone:

Wow, you are all so quick  you beat me to it.
I have not published a MAREX news for the past few
weeks due to a heavy work and family stuff.
Also some great skiing this year in newengland.

Yes, Mir is now 15 years only, and i believe it
is Feb. 20.  The Russia's are celebrating, they
have the technology and they know how to use it.
They also used their expirence with Mir to build
a better ISS.

Of course the tabloids will publish the bad stuff,
then again, how many of you have driven you car for
over 400,000 miles a day every day for 15 years.

We all owe a lot of gratitude to the  builders
of Mir and their crews for all of the time
and money they donated to help install several
amateur radio projects on Mir.

its impossible to count how may QSO, conversations
took place via Mir ham radio during the 9 plus
years the amateur radio station was active.
I would say its safe to say that the Mir satellite
holds the record for the sheer volume of conversations
(two  way and SWL) which went thought the Mir
ham stations.  The legacy of the Mir ham station is
still being felt today.  Because of the success of 
the Mir ham stations, the Mir crews asked for and
got amateur radio on ISS.  There are over 5 antenna
feed through ports on ISS which can be used for
amateur radio projects.  Packet and voice have already
been installed on ISS (packet has not been activated).
And if it was not for the 14 hour work days, the crew
of ISS would be more active.  The work load will improve.
More projects are already scheduled for flight this year.

Its going to be a great and busy year in space.

thanks for every one for your support for Mir and ISS.
And as Mir begins its decent for its final landing, we will
remember Mir and all that supported her.

Till We meet again.

Miles, wf1f marex

Albert K Lark wrote:
> Happy 15 th Birthday MIR!
> Launched February 20, 1986
> I will always have fond memories of the MIR space station and the
> wonderful QSO's with a few of  her noble visitors:  Alex Poleschuck -
> R2MIR was the first, Alex Serebrov, Norm Thagard, Gennady Strekalov,
> Shannon Lucid, John Balaha, Mike Foale, Dave Wolf and Andy Thomas
> I salute you MIR with your end so near
> Thank you so very much for adding such joy to so many of our lifes!
> Al - KD4SFF
> PS there is some very good visuals of the MIR and ISS this week in SC
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