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It was great news when I received an e-mail from Miles to
say that SSTV has been approved for the ISS.
It proved to be a great success on Mir and I think with the
experience gained from that experiment, the new setup on the
ISS will be better that ever. For those who haven't heard
any 2m. signals from the ISS yet, I can assure you that they
are as strong if not stronger than those from Mir  so I
can't see why the SSTV will not be the same.
Hopefully the crew  will soon have things sorted out on
board now they have the new  module in place.
They have been very busy setting up the new complex and we
must all realize that Amateur Radio is of secondary
Well done to Miles and the team that is responsible for
getting this approved.

                    73 de Tony....VK5ZAI.
 J.A.(Tony) Hutchison.
 QTH. PARINGA. South Australia
 Grid.QF05jt: AMSAT Aust..#799
 Member of  AMSAT-NA....#33418
 Aust ARISS Telebridge Station

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