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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 09:07:51 -0800

Hi All,
    Wayne Nakata has recently referenced  the reprint of a Russian article
appearing  in the  February 2001 issue of CQ magazine pages 32 and 33.  I
have also just reviewed  this CQ magazine story which covers history of,
and describes  the Amateur Radio Equipment used aboard the Mir Space
Station.   It references  Amateur Radio SSTV and is a reminder of the
thousands of  exciting "live" pictures sent by the Cosmonauts aboard Mir.
Does anyone know of the schedule for including SSTV on the ISS?  Can we
anticipate similar scenes from inside the ISS,  pictures of  the Space
occupants, and  Earth views as we did from Mir?        

Jeff Winder, KB8VCO

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