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Fwd: [TEACHERS:55] help wanted

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>Subject: [TEACHERS:55] help wanted
>Are you going to the National Science Teacher's National Convention in St.
>Louis in March? Perhaps you'd be willing to help me out.
>      I'm looking for teachers who'd be interested in helping staff the
>ARRL/NASA booth. In exchange for your help, registration will be paid for
>your attendance at the entire convention. In addition, ARRL will take care
>of your lunch for the day you assist.
>      We need someone who can give a 10-second hype about why a teacher would
>want to use ham radio in the classroom. (It's simple - If you like, I'll
>show you how.)
>      The best benefit of all is the fact that we'll be physically located in
>the NASA area, where the best materials and tools are always found ... great
>posters, bookmarks, CD-Roms, lesson plans, lithographs, and more. (Last
>year, we were adjacent to the EVA Space Suit Presentation. We watched the
>technicians demonstrate the space suit -- used in every outside space walk
>on Mir and the Shuttles - several times a day.)
>      If this is a possibility for you, please let me know ASAP. Dates for
>the convention are March 22-25, 2001.
>Thank you in advance.
>Margie Bourgoin, KB1DCO
>ARRL, Educational Correspondent
>Margie Bourgoin, KB1DCO
>ARRL, Educational Correspondent
>E-mail: kb1dco@arrl.org
>Phone:  860-594-0267
>FAX:  860-594-0259

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