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Re: ARISS Operations

At 08:01 AM 30-01-01 +0000, Frank Bauer wrote in part:

>As you know, we have had 3 successful school group contacts.  We are
>rapidly converging on a program that will allow us to conduct 6 school
>group contacts per month.  The ARISS team will provide updates on these
>contact times.  Stay tuned.
>The lack of TDRSS coverage has resulted in a stronger need for the
>increment 1 crew to rely on the ARISS equipment to talk with their
>family.  The ARISS team understands that this is impacting the general QSOs
>for now.  I must tell you all how proud I am that amateur radio is playing
>such a big part of the psychological well being of the ISS Crew.  I am
>certain that Shep will put in a very big plug for amateur radio when he
>does his post flight debriefings.


Thanks for the update!

I quote these parts of your message because I think they are two of the 
most important points.

We all have to remember that ISS is not a DXpedition, and by all accounts, 
the  crew is incredibly busy as they work to get the station fully 
operational. Amateur Radio has to be way down the priority list. The fact 
that they take any time at all for Amateur Radio is amazing.

The school contacts are a wonderful promotion for Amateur Radio and, 
hopefully, they will inspire future generations of space travellers.

I am patiently waiting to hear the packet beacon along with a lot of other 
people, and I am confident it will happen. Having recently gotten a small 
peek inside the ARISS support team on the ground, I have a new appreciation 
of the complexities of having an Amateur Radio station on the ISS at all.

Thanks to the ARISS team for making it happen, and thanks to the crew for 
putting in the effort to make Amateur Radio in space a reality!

73 de K3XO

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